SETUR winnerWebThe ever increasing need in "green" energy generation have imposed new demands on exploring all possible solutions offered by renewable energy forms. Water, which is abundant in nature covering large areas such as seas and oceans, represents one of the most favorable options. However, conventional technologies have so far run inefficiently in exploiting low velocity water sources, such as those encountered in ocean currents, tidal streams, small rivers and brooks. 

Taking into account that low velocity natural water sources constitute a large proportion of the worldwide hydrodynamic potential, SETUR turbine presents huge market potentials. Energy harvest, even in small quantities, may significantly improve people's lives especially in remote areas where it is difficult or even impossible to generate electricity via traditional energy sources and technologies.

SETUR Ltransfrontweb500Bladeless Hydrodynamic SETUR Turbine is based on vortex phenomenon. It harnesses energy of low velocity water sources e.g. ocean currents, tidal streams, rivers, canals and other sources of hydrokinetic energy. SETUR turbine can be cost-effectively used as a standalone self-contained system or in multi-unit hydro power farms. The turbine has been successfully tested over the years and is now commercially available.

Since 2008 SETUR Bladeless Turbine has won several prestigious international awards, including E.On Energy Globe Award 2014.

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