Installation procedure for SETUR M turbines*

1. Install the turbine in or at the source of running water (river, canal, brook, etc.) following some suggestions outlined in the User's Manual. The variety of installation options is endless and depends on your situation and particular local conditions.

Turbine with hermetically sealed generator must be fully submerged in the water flow to ensure maximum power output. The water flow could also be routed to a turbine via pipes.

2. Install the inverter (supplied with each turbine) in accordance with your local code. It has to be a safe, dry place, well protected from elements, animals and people. It should be installed as close to the installed turbine as it's safely possible to eliminate electric losses and reduce the cost of cable.

3. Connect the turbine and the inverter.

Turbines with hermetically sealed generator should be connected via the underwater connector (supplied with turbine). Cable is not provided, and should be purchased from your local hardware store. The distance between the installed turbine and the inverter could vary greatly from project to project.

4. Each SETUR M inverter is equipped with two Power Outlets, North-American 110V-120V and Universal 220V-240V.

suicide cable 1sTo connect the turbine to your house electric system, the right way is to install a male power socket in your house and use a male-to-female power cord. The wrong way is to plug a male-to-male (plugs on both ends) power cord into the inverter AC outlet and any wall outlet in your house.

ATTENTION: Make sure the wiring matches = hot to hot, neutral to neutral, ground to ground. If you don't know how to check the wiring, invite a certified electrician.

WARNING: you must always follow your local code.

Alternatively, in case you don't want to connect the turbine to your house electric system, but rather want to supply power directly to a few appliances, plug the appliances into the inverter's power outlets. Make sure their combined power rating doesn't exceed the turbine's rated power.

Each inverter is also equipped with a battery charger which comes useful in case you have a battery-based Uninterrupted Power Supply Back-up System or you just need to charge your car battery.

5. SETUR M Inverter may also be equipped with a Hard Wire Panel to be connected directly to your house AC Panel.


Direct connection to the house AC Panel is the best installation option, especially for bigger SETUR L turbines (required) and optional for SETUR M turbines (not required).

WARNING: Great idea is to hire an electrician, so everything is done fast, safe, with high quality of workmanship and in accordance with your local rules and regulations.

* User's Manual includes installation procedures for each turbine type.

Each SETUR M inverter has two AC output power sockets
a) 110-120 V North  America, Japan, other countries

North American Power socket

b) 220-240 V Universal socket: Continental Europe, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Australia/NZ, India, South Africa, other countries

Universal Power socket